In these harsh economic times, no one wants the additional cost of hiring a lawyer. However, when you realize you have had enough of the daily discrimination and mistreatment at your workplace, you need to hire an employment lawyer to fight for your interests.

Employment Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace results from stereotypes people have about certain others. For example, a white couple may feel a dislike for an African or Asian person due to their ancestry. In other instances, you may be disliked for being a Muslim in a workplace that is predominantly Christian. In a male dominated workplace, a woman may be targeted to do various tasks like cleaning, serving tea and tidying the place of work. Other forms of discrimination are directed towards people with disabilities, those who are married or single and even people of certain sexual orientations.

Wrongful Termination

In most cases, employment discrimination leads to wrongful termination. For instance, if you are a Seventh-Day Adventist and are fired for absence on Saturdays, you can claim discrimination. Sometimes wrongful termination is because of exposing fraud or unethical practices in your organization.

Making Claims

It is the duty of your employment lawyer to determine whether you have a good case or not. It is important that you document instances of abuse or discrimination. In cases of discrimination or wrongful termination, the burden of proof lies with you as the plaintiff. The strength of your claim is fortified if you have evidence or a reliable witness. If you don’t have evidence, it is your word against the employer, making it difficult to claim.


Once you have established a claim, you need to go ahead and look for a reliable attorney. Today, thanks to technology, most lawyers are using social media to expand their client lists. Although social media is an option in seeking a lawyer, the safer option is your local state bar association. You can also opt to find a lawyer in professional organizations or trade organizations. The trade organization will either provide counsel for you or refer you to one who specializes in litigation.

In cases of wrongful termination, there is a statute of limitation. The statute provides you, the aggrieved party, with a window within which you must file your claim. A failure of the plaintiff to pursue his or her claims within the set time automatically disqualifies the claim. Do not waste time once you have been terminated unfairly, seek the counsel of a lawyer so that you are reinstated or compensated adequately.