Does your child have a bug bite infection that you feel could have been avoided if the person that was responsible for watching them would have been more attentive? Do you have medical bills because you had to seek immediate treatment for the bite, to make sure the child didn’t have Zika Virus or West Nile? You want to meet with a personal injury lawyer to start forming your claim, and so you don’t have to deal with the medical bills that you’ll have from the incident.

Not only are there medical bills, but your child was put through tests and scared because of what happened, and as a parent you also were stressed and suffered. Here are a few things you’ll be able to use in the case.

Medical Bills

If you had emergency medical transportation because of the bite, or you had to seek emergency medical treatment, these are bills that will be higher than going to a regular doctor’s appointment in the office. If your child was rushed to get labs and bloodwork, they had to undergo a series of tests to see if they had any virus in their body, and they were put on medications, you will have a great deal of medical bills from the incident. You don’t want to pay for these bills, and your lawyer will make sure your settlement does more than cover the financial aspect of the problem.

Mental Anguish

Not only were you terrified as a parent that your child had a life-threatening infection because of the bug bite, but your child also felt the fear. Your child was probably quarantined away from other people, making them feel different, alone, and like they were going to possibly die. You shouldn’t have had to go through all that strife because someone neglected to prevent a bug bite on your child.

Obvious Neglect

With the local bug bite concerns your child should have been dressed in long sleeves and pants to prevent bites, and they should have been sprayed with a bug repellant. If none of these things happened because the caretaker was too busy or because they forgot, they are responsible for all of this happening to you and your child.

If your child was in the care of another person while they were outdoors, and the person was negligent to protect your child from bugs, you want to take action. If you feared your child had Zika or West Nile and they had to suffer through medical testing and being quarantined, you want to take legal action. If you would like more information, Futerman Partners LLP has additional resources available.