Filing disability claim cases can be pretty hectic and daunting if you don’t know how to go about the whole process. Maybe you don’t know any disability lawyer Toronto to help you with your case or even the right approach to take. Maybe you don’t have all the disability qualities which will qualify you for the disability benefits. And it gets worse if you reside in Canada as the disability claim laws in this country are pretty steep. If you fall into this category then you have come to the right place. This article will attempt to ensure that you get a bigger and clearer picture of what you need and the steps you need to follow whenever you are making or filing a disability claim in Canada.

  1. Figure out the disability programs that you can qualify for

There are many different types of disability benefit programs and plans in Canada. You need to realize that you can’t automatically qualify for all or any of their benefits as each of them has its own criteria which it follows for eligibility. So, before you any disability claim, it is vital that you know which of the disability benefits you can qualify for as sometimes, you may even qualify for more than one of the disability benefit plans.

  1. Ensure you have support from your doctor

It is also vital that you have support from your doctor whenever you are filing for any disability claims or benefits. In fact, you will only be wasting your time filing for a disability claim without the approval, consent, or support from your doctor. It can even end up adding to your problems. Even your employer won’t recognize your absence from work and take sick leave as the reason for doing so. So, bottom line, you really need to have your doctor backing you up through the whole process.

  1. Understand your current situation

You need to also ensure you are ready to transition from working to being on sick leave before you file a disability claim. Ensure you fully understand your position and ensure you keep your employer in the loop at all times to avoid any tension from building up at your workplace.

  1. Get the application forms

After you have ensured that everything is in order, especially with your employer, you now need to start collecting and gathering all the necessary documentation and paperwork necessary for the whole legal process. Each disability plan has its own unique procedures and forms that you must follow whenever you are making a disability claim.

  1. Fill out your application forms accurately and gather any other supporting information

After you have gathered and collected all the necessary forms, you need to ensure you fill them only with accurate information to avoid any inconveniences when the whole process has started. You can also use this time to collect any of the other supporting information and documents that will help with the case.

  1. Submit your application to the relevant authority and give any further information required

After you have accurately filled the application forms, you need to submit them only to the relevant authority, the disability program or plan, and provide them with any further information that they may need for your claim as well.

  1. Wait for a decision concerning your claim

After submitting all the necessary information and everything is okay, you need to wait within the required period, usually about 30 days, for a response from the claim representatives who will give you their decisions concerning your claim.