Copyright infringement is a common thing in business, especially for those who operate online. The most common form of copyright infringements happening on the internet is content duplication. This is followed by duplicating and reselling digital products. Before you call a franchise lawyer, there are some actions you can take to deal with a copyright infringement suspect.

Collect information

The first step you should take is to collect data from the infringing company. The information should include the name of the company, its hosting service provider, and the payment details. You can visit the infringer’s website to see if there are any contact details you can use to reach them. You can also take the website’s URL and run a search to check it’s Whois information. The results should bring the infringer’s name, address, country, phone number, time zone, domain books and IP address. This information will help you to establish a course of action in order to protect your trademark Canada.

Find the hosting company linked to the infringer’s website

There are a lot of websites out there that allow you to find the infringer’s hosting company. You might not be able to see the full details of the company if it is using a Content Delivery Network. In this case, you will only get the IP address and the CDN’s name. However, you can always request the CDN to give you the details of the company.

Find the details of the payment gateways

Get to know the payment processor the infringer is using to sell his products and services. Note down the contact details used on their website. The Canadian business law requires payment companies to provide their details to the relevant government agencies in case of a dispute. You can make a formal request to such agencies so that they can allow you to see the details of the company. You can also get the information of the fringing company by purchasing one of its products. This will take you to the infringer’s payment gateway platform, from where you can get their contacts.

Send an infringement notice

You must send an email to the infringer’s website telling them to cease and desist from violating your Canadian franchise copyright. If the infringement is serious, you can tell the company to immediately shut down its online services within 24 hours. In case the infringer refuses to respond after a given timeline, contact Google, Yahoo or Bing, especially if the website uses one of their services. Another option is to contact the hosting company and ask them to suspend the infringer immediately. You can also contact ISP services providers, payment processors and the advertising agencies used by the website. If all these fail, consider taking a legal action. The resources at Hoffer Adler are helpful and can provide you with more information.