According to the National Floor Safety Institute, injuries related to slip and falls are behind over eight million trips to the emergency rooms every year. That is a large number; it surpasses every other reason that will most likely take you to the emergency room. The slip and fall injuries are usually very serious, serious enough to cause panic and caution when you are walking in the streets. The importance of a slip and fall lawyer, in a slip and fall claim case can not be overlooked.

The most slip and fall injuries that happen occur in workplaces, and this is the main cause of lost days at work that leads to workers’ claiming compensations for their injuries. Most of the time, you realize that slip and fall injuries occur as a result of the negligence of a property owner of an office manager. You are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit to provide compensation for you or someone you love if you or your loved one gets injured as a result of a slip and fall.  Getting a slip and fall lawyer who has experience in dealing with slip and fall injuries, will be more beneficial to you.

The lawsuit should cover your medical expenses, lost wages as well as other damages that you may incur during the incident. Here are some injuries that can occur as a result of a slip and fall.

  1. Fractures

Fractures and broken bones are among the most common injuries that occur as a result of a slip and fall. In most cases, these fractures and broken bones heal over time. But in other cases, these fractures and broken bones can cause rise to another set of health-related problems that you may not have foreseen like blood clots, neurovascular damages, and even more.

  1. Head

A head injury that occurs as a result of a slip and fall can be as mild as a bump on the head to a traumatic brain injury and maybe even permanent brain damage. Victims of slip and fall injuries that occur to the head may require long-term care and even rehabilitation to be able to push through the day.

  1. Torn tendons and ligaments

A torn tendon or ligament may seem like a minor injury to most people. However, torn tendons and ligaments can have some very long-term consequences. You can slip and fall, and as a result, have a tear in your tendons and ligaments. Some of the effects of this injury are the loss of ability, extended recovery periods, and other effects as well. In most instances, you will require surgery to repair torn tendons and ligaments.

  1. Broken hip and pelvis

The most common injury among the elderly is broken hip and pelvis can result in the need to have an operation done. In other situations, you may need to have prolonged inpatient or nursing home care. A study by the American Medical Association reveals that the mortality rate of older women is bound to double in the first year after suffering a broken hip.

  1. Back, spine and neck

You may incur these injuries from the slip and fall or while trying to break the fall by catching yourself. These may well be the most serious injuries as they may result in slipped disks, broken back, pulled muscles, and maybe even death. You may need to have an extended surgery to try and repair your body and relieve you of any pain.

As you may have already noticed, most of the injuries above require medical attention that sum up to medical expenses, lost abilities, lost wages, pain, and many more problems as well.