The fact that ICBC is responsible for keeping its costs as low as possible makes it very confusing and stressful for a seriously injured person to pursue his or her claims. Often the first ICBC settlement offer cannot include everything that you’re entitled to receive. To increase your chances of getting the best outcome from the ICBC settlements, you should consider hiring a personal injury ICBC lawyer with years of experience in handling ICBC cases.

1. Getting the best settlement from ICBC

Make sure that all your injuries are properly documented by your doctor. The injuries should show tangible evidence in connecting them to the accident. There are various categories that need to be properly investigated in order to get adequate and full compensation for your injuries or losses. You can be entitled to compensation under the following categories:

• Pain and suffering
• Wage loss
• Loss of opportunity or capacity to earn income
• Expenses related to the sustained injuries
• Future expenses for medical treatment
• Compensation for people who may have to help you around the home.

A good personal injury ICBC lawyer knows how to go around the efforts of ICBC to limit your entitlement by claiming that you failed to reasonably reduce the extent of your losses or injuries. Risks such as failure to follow medical advice or exercising according to the prescribed routine should be avoided before filing ICBC claims.

It might be necessary to go to court so as to increase your chances of getting the highest value of your claim.

2. What to ask a potential personal injury lawyer before you hire one

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is one sure ways of receiving the best possible ICBC settlement. Ask the following questions when interviewing various lawyers before you hire them to represent you in pursuing your ICBC claims:

• Do any of the lawyers in your firm represent ICBC in select cases? You ought to be sure to decide whether you are comfortable in working with a lawyer from a firm that represents ICBC and injured people too.
• Have you handled any kind of personal injury cases in your practice before? Experienced lawyers are the best candidates in filing ICBC claims.
• Will you be the one handling my case up to the settlement stage?
• Do you think you have enough time to devote to my case right now? Ensure the new lawyer has time to provide you with the attention that your case requires.
• How will you help me with accessing treatment if ICBC doesn’t offer it?
• How much participation do you need from me before you proceed with the case?
• What are some of the charges I am responsible for before you proceed with advancing the claim against ICBC?