Disability law is an act that prohibits or is against discrimination towards individuals with disabilities in education, housing, employment and access to public services. Disabilities are as a result of physical or mental impairments that restrain one from performing major life activities. The latter may also be as a result of alcoholism, fibromyalgia disorder, and chronic pain.

Disability insurance is a cover for disabled individuals. It pays benefits to an individual together with the family that is if one has worked for a longer period and has the paid social security taxes. However, not all the employees are granted the opportunity to access disability benefits. Being denied a disability benefit may result in the hire of a disability lawyer who will help in appealing to the Social Security, Administration (SSA). Here are the 4 top reasons for denial of disability benefits.

1. Failure to follow treatment prescription

Failure to comply medication prescribed by the doctor may result in the denial of disability benefits by the social security administration. This is so because the administration is not guaranteed of the patient’s health status that is whether or not individuals’ health status prevents him or her from being able to work or if one is not willing to cooperate with the treatment.

2. Earning too much income

One is likely to be denied the benefits if they are working above the substantial gainful activity limit. This is as a result of one earning too much money to be considered as disabled. If one is capable of working and earning at least $ 1000 per month, then he or she might be denied benefits when applied for. The Social Security Administration only approves of disability claims for people with low income.

3. Failure to cooperate

Failure of one to follow what is expected of them their examiners especially in following the prescribed therapy may result in the rejection of disability benefits. Medical records play an important role in being given the benefits. The Social Security Administration fails to offer disability benefits to such individuals who lack cooperation especially with their doctors, and as a result, the disability claims may be deprived of benefits. If you visit the Disability Lawyer Toronto website, they may be able to provide you with more information.

4. Lack of work history

Work history plays a vital role in earning disability benefits. It provides the examiner with information on the individual with disabilities under their jurisdiction. It determines the number of disability benefits that will be insured to such people. The type of work history will enable the examiner to know whether or not one is legible to be provided with disability benefits. Lack of work history will, therefore, inhibit from being issued with the benefits.