Hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you in a legal matter is a major step to take, but it often results in a beneficial outcome for the plaintiff. A personal injury lawsuit is a great way to obtain financial compensation for expenses you incurred after being injured as a result of another person’s actions or negligence. This type of lawsuit covers everything from medical malpractice and product liability to a dog bite claim, a car accident and more. You may think that the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit is based on the whim of the jury, and it is true that the jury will decide the outcome. However, these three controllable factors strongly weigh on the outcome of the case as well.

1. The Personal Injury Lawyer You Hire

You have complete control over the personal injury lawyer you hire, and this is one of the biggest factors that will affect the outcome of your case. Your lawyer should be likable, so consider his or her demeanor carefully. In addition, his or her experience matters, and this particularly is true when dealing with a niche area of personal injury law, such as car accidents or product liability. Your attorney’s experience is critical in the establishment of a solid case as well as in how clearly and effectively the case is presented to the jury.

2. The Amount of Documentation You Provide

When you initially consult with your personal injury lawyer, he or she likely will request documentation you have about the event. This may include medical records, written correspondence, police reports and more. Your attorney may also recommend that you obtain additional information that you have not yet thought to seek. Documentation substantiates your claim as well as the amount of the award you are requesting, so it is critical to the outcome of your case.

3. The Witnesses and Experts in Your Corner

While documentation is critical, witnesses and experts can also help your case significantly. They provide further evidence in the case, and they may provide the jury with a look at the case from a different and beneficial perspective. For example, if you are presenting a car accident case, an eye witness may be crucial in attesting to the fact that the other party was at fault or that there was nothing you could do to avoid the collision.

Your personal injury lawyer will work closely with you to help you build the strongest case possible. However, in your effort to obtain the best results from your case, consider how each of these factors can work in your favor. After you have selected the right attorney to hire, discuss with him or her how documentation and witnesses can strengthen your case.